Happiness and joy!


My mom was always fond of pets but she was reluctant to have a pet because of us. Stella, our first pet, came to us by chance. It so happened that we went to a family friend and their Golden retriever Lara had four pups. The pups stole my mom’s heart and Stella became a part of our family.
But we did not stop at one. Today, we are blessed with six beautiful dogs. I really thank God for making such loving creatures on our planet.
Let me introduce me to our family! Stella likes to go out in park and greets everyone but she particularly loves to play with Indraneel, my younger brother. Syra is 1-year-old Pomeranian and is the most sensible and silent dog on earth, though sometimes she’s the most hyper in all our dogs’ gang. But she is not at all naughty like others and she always looks after other small pups in the family.
Coockie, our Lhasa Apso, has a lot of attitude but she’s the cutest of all while Bubbles, our Labrador Retriever, is a football …24×7 eating and sleeping and sometimes troubling Stella by biting her ear. Even though she’s a lazy pup, she’s a darling.
Snowbell is a Cocker Spaniel and the naughtiest of all. She loves to destroy things and is always lying here and there. She particularly likes to chew my shoes and eats my brother’s shin guards.
Goldie is also a Labrador and is the newest addition to our family. She’s quick, active, alert and fun-loving pup. And to top it all, she’s a very obedient pup.
Aaaaaaa…to tell you frankly this is nothing…if to describe them in full…they can be only described as HAPPINESS and JOY!!!