My Adorable baby


Bujoe is a sweet little darling, who entered my life in January 2004. He was hardly a month old. Faced a tragedy and Bujoe’s presence gave me strength to carry on.

He expresses all his feelings through his eyes. Bujoe loves to play a lot. He is the typical Lab who wants something in his mouth. It can be anything, for instance, broom, socks, coconut, ball or even a simple stick. He has a typical habit, if he wants someone to play with him, he will touch the person’s leg with whatever he has in his mouth, just to say, “Come play with me”. Bujoe loves if anyone pulls the stuff out of his mouth, so that he can pull it back himself.

One bad habit which Bujoe had in the past, was shredding shoes to bits and pieces. I remember I had purchased a pair of shoes which I had only worn once. This fellow tore it off. I was in tears seeing the sight of it. Sitting down on the floor, I said to him, “Bujoe what’s this?” I don’t know whether he understood or not, but he came near me and started licking me as if he wanted to say sorry for what he had done. As a matter of fact, from that day onwards, Bujoe stopped tearing shoes permanently.

Bujoe is my best companion when I am alone or if I feel upset. He realises it from my facial expressions and he just keeps licking me or sits beside me quietly. He is also very obedient, only when he is in a mood to play then he cannot be controlled. He runs about in our garden picking up whatever he finds on the way, wagging his tail in the air.

I am really very lucky to have such a wonderful companion in my life.

They are the world to me

My best friends are my two pooches – Dolly and Gold. Dolly is very playful and naughty while Gold – a big daddy, is simply adorable and loves to take bath. I take both of them out for a walk. They are my life and God’s fantastic gift to me. All three of us are blissful together.

I am really fond of dogs and have been taking care of my five stray dogs who live near my house. I love them all and dream to open an NGO for stray dogs as I want to help them, love them and be with them.