16 Lessons on Love, Loss & More…


Shweta with Sparkle


Kritika with Romeo


It’s true that you teach your pet many tricks, but there are so many life lessons that these furry friends teach us. Without saying a word, they teach us life lessons and in return expect nothing but abundance of love.

1. The reward of patience is always sweet
Whether it’s patiently waiting for a treat, car ride, or waiting to hug you when you come back home, our pets teach us the value of patience. They know being patient is the only way out, and that’s what we should also implement in our lives.

2. Fluff and unconditional Love
There’s no denying that our pets know only one way to love – unconditional. We as pet parents need to learn this from them and appreciate how beautiful unconditional love it. That sparkle in their eye, wag of a tail, and warmth cannot be bought. It is only love that brings out the best – so do it and see the best version of yourself.
3. Forgive and move on
As humans we keep the box of grudges full and close to our heart. But look at your pet, they’ll instantly forgive and move on to be happy and content. I know it’s easier said than done, but at least we can try. Forgive, move on, clear your heart of the negativity – not for the other person, but your own peace!

4. Being fearless is the best mantra
Shweta says, Sparkle (Springer Spaniel) was such a fearless dog all his life. He would be up against a German Shepherd and with full confidence. Sometimes in difficult situations we should also be like Sparkle, unapologetically fearless to face life.
5. Sleep it over and everything will be fine
Romeo had a clear mantra in life – sleep it over! I have to admit that this is one life lesson that I have truly imbibed in my life. Whether it is a rough day at work, fight with boyfriend, not feeling good about life – just sleep it over and everything will be fine in the morning. Take cues from your pet how they do the same – you scold them, injection pain, not going for a car ride – sleep it over.

6. Routines are good
Isn’t it amazing how our pets follow almost the same routine for most part of their life? It is a sign that sometimes following a routine is good for us. Having set time for food, exercise, and leisure will make life easier, healthier, and most importantly happier.

7. Cherish every moment
Life and Love are short-lived, and if you’ve lost a pet you know how hurtful it is. So enjoy with your pet in all ways possible. It is such a thoughtful life lesson – you should spend time with your loved ones because you never know what tomorrow brings for you.

8. Be a go getter
We all have those low moments in life and that’s when we should look up to our furry friends for some motivation. Shweta remembers how Sparkle was a complete go getter. Whether it was going for a walk or getting a treat, he would make up his mind and just go for it. Beg, borrow, or steal, until you get your way – that was his way.

9. Enjoy the simple pleasures of life
Popsicle on a summer afternoon, car rides, warm snuggles – our pets are happy in these simple joys. We should learn this from them and start enjoying small joys in a big way. Simple moments like having a cheesecake, enjoying rain from your balcony, or getting that perfect dress – don’t let these be too small. Life will become a lot more beautiful when you start appreciating these little treasures.

10. My way or the highway
Shweta reminisces, “Sparkle knew he was a charmer and his confidence was reflected in his personality and gait, best attribute being- sparkle was stubborn too and only wanted his way and would listen when a treat was in sight and sniff! One of my best memories with him is the road he choose, if i wanted to go the other way he would just sit and not budge- with the stubborn gleam in his eyes. No amount of my jumping and dancing around him would make his change his mind”. Maybe its ok to be naughty and get your own way sometimes!

11. Living life with a treasure of memories
That box full of memories is what warms the heart. I love how Shweta explains, ‘This Pandemic, made me miss Sparkle a lot more again. And if dog spirits are there, I truly believe in them. There have been days when i have missed him a lot, magic of the moment being- as always he has sparkled in my dreams too. His warm fur and beautiful beady eyes mesmerizing me yet again, waking up with a smile- with memories of him!’

12. The time is NOW
Trust your pets when with their subtle ways teach us to live in the present. They’re happy living the moment and not worrying about the future (a lot of credit for that also goes to you for being an awesome pet parent). But let’s try and be as zen as our beloved pets and let the worries of the world melt away.

13. My family is my strength
It is amazing to see how pets connect and bond with us. When you bring them home, you open your heart for them. And in return they shower so much love and become a part of your family. That trust – my family is there to support me is the biggest strength and driving force.

14. Value your friends
Going for a walk and meeting their furry friend on the street seems to be the biggest moment of joy for your pet. We should also cultivate that warmth on our hearts and let friendships heal us in the best way possible. Also remember how your pet doesn’t meet every dog on the road. The lesson is not everyone is your friend, so choose wisely.

15. Go with the flow
I loved how Romeo always went with the flow. Some days evening walk is slightly delayed, he’ll keep sleeping, being unwell but still enjoying Idlis on the way back from the vet, partying with my friends instead of being a bad boy – pets know how to adjust and so should we! Small adjustments go such a long way.

16. No two pets are the same
Just like you cannot compare two children, you cannot compare two pets. You might lose a pet and bring home a new one, but don’t compare them. Like we have identities, they also have individuality and we should respect that. Shweta adds, “Only people who have pets realize that losing a pet is indeed very painful and is marked with tears, sadness, void, emptiness and so much missing in the months to follow- it’s a full grieving cycle . But we always try and remember him with a smile.

Keep your heart open for a new pet with those old memories still bubbling and reminding you of all the good times you’ve spent together”.