Pooches in the limelight


Dog shows, dog fairs, dog events…we just don’t seem to have enough of our canines and are always there to cheer them up, time and again. And our pooches just love all the fun and excitement…but they always remember that they are there for their pet parents in thick and thin.

Very recently, a pet dog in Coimbatore saved a three-year-old boy from a leopard! Yes the little braveheart scared the leopard by his frantic barking, just when he was about to pounce on the boy. Kudos to the pooch! He really lived upto the old adage – Dog is man’s best friend.
While a few of our pooch friends are lucky to be in safe hands, some of them become part of a mockery. For example, as a part of local festival in Jharkhand, girls are married off to stray dogs to ward off evil spirits. Needless to say, these dogs are neither adopted after the marriage nor are taken care of. They are just used as a means to satisfy some old religious practices.
We still need to go a long way in creating awareness about our pooches in such areas. Every little effort counts and you can do your bit by word of mouth and by setting up an example yourself. Feed a stray, take care of his vaccination needs, get him sterilized and everybody sees you as a responsible citizen and of course a true dog lover, which we know you are.
Now, that the summer is setting in…provide a bowl of clean drinking water for the stray in your area and yes, you know how to take care of the loved one at your home- keep him indoors in the hottest part of the day, give him lot of clean water to drink and share some lovely summer days ! Whew! You already know that!
Sparkle is looking forward to the lazy summer afternoons, when he just needs to be left alone to sleep to his heart’s content…opening his eyes only when he smells a tasty treat or when he hears a ‘Let’s go!’

This New Year let’s all do something to make our pooches happier…spend more quality time with them, love them and be a responsible pet parent. And those who are willing to go an extra mile can help their neighbourhood stray dogs in this chilling season. Give them food and a bowl of clean water. You can even donate a warm rug at the roadside to give them a cosy place to sit on. Winters are hard on them…let’s make it a little easier for them…because we love them, don’t we?

Sparkle wishes you all and his friends out there A Very Happy and Sparkling New Year, a year filled with love, shine and lots of Bow-Vows!