When You Lose A Pet…


I want to share my loss with all the people who love cats, and as each pet parent is aware, the loss is beyond words to describe. I have lost my beloved cat, Pumpkin, a month back. What intensifies my sorrow is, Pumpkin has just disappeared and  I cannot find her.
I have been blessed with the company of eight cats, but Pumpkin outshined them all and was special. But what attracted me most was that she could communicate so effectively. She could tell me when she was sleepy, she could bring the roof down if it was five minutes past her walk time, she could fluff herself up and make a sound like a distant aeroplane to call all her friends to play.
Last month, I went on an urgent visit to Chennai. During that time, she mewed to me every day on the phone telling me to come back soon. But by the time I came back, she had gone. She just ran off after a spat with Mouser, another of my cats. She had done that earlier but came back to me immediately. This time since I wasn’t here, she might have kept looking for me and lost her way.
I searched her from pillar to post. It has been almost a month and I can feel a sea of sorrow tiding in my heart. I just hope Pumpkin is still looking for me just as I am looking for her. I request you all to send up a small prayer for her and all the animals who may be lost or abandoned. May they all find their homes and the love and warmth that each one of them deserves.
–By Reena Puri