Weimaraners: The aristocratic ‘Grey Ghosts’


Shining, silver grey coat…beady black eyes… the Weimaraners are a unique blend of smartness, elegance, intelligence and an appealing persona. Come fall in love with these athletic champs.

Hunting dog to people’s dog

The genesis of silver-grey dog–the Weimaraners–dates back to 19th century, when he was originally bred for hunting large game such as boar, bears, deer, and foxes. But, gradually Weimaraners became an all-purpose gun dog. He is a loyal, lovable, incredible hunter and a fearless guardian of his family and territory.
Regal ‘n’ alluring
Weimaraners are elegant dogs owing to their athletic appearance. The striking features of a Weimaraners include silver grey coat, strong facial features, sharp snout and shark like beady black eyes. They are regal-looking, surpassingly intelligent, loyal, robust and strong. “The females look sleek while the males have larger snout and stronger looking,” tells Mili, a reputed breeder of Weimaraners.
They are medium – sized breed. Longhaired We imaranersare also available, but they are in minority. They are found in all dark and lighter shades of silver grey. The average height of a male breed is around 26 inches at the shoulder while that of a female is 24 inches. They weigh around 25-32 kg. They are the best hunting, fetching, tracking and swimming dogs. “Because of their shadowlike appearance, they are aptly referred to as the grey ghost,” tells Mili.

Friendly persona

Weimaraners are people’s dogs. They are outdoor pets dogs with very good temperaments. They are devoted, protective and loving by nature. They are hunter dogs, just like cats. They are excellent with children. “In fact, they have been called the dog with the human brain,” adds Mili. Their best quality is their unfailing devotion. But here Mili also gives a point of advice, “They are awkward as puppies, but they don’t realise their own potential until they become mature.”

Sensitive ‘n’ attention-seeking
They are an emotionally high-maintenance breed and want attention more than other breeds. “They are very sensitive! So don’t go out of town too often without them, they are said to become neurotic even, if left alone for long periods of time!” cautions Mili.
“Once when we were out of station, ‘Blue’, our Weimaraners was missing us so much that she became psychologically, hip dysplastic and was paralyzed below her waist for a period of a month or so… She is now all well again! Phew! This attributes to their human like emotions! They need loads and loads of love and attention,” recalls Mili.

Exercise ‘n’ play

Exercising your Weimaraners is easy. Mili suggests twice daily walking for about half an hour each. And what’s more, they love to run too! “They are big runners, full of energy and even climb over gates like Spiderman,” laughs Mili.

“They all love to play ball, and swim in the pool,” she adds. Since they are athletic, they can be trained for agility.
Taking good care Vaccinate, bathe and brush their hair, besides deworming them. They shed hair but not as much as longhaired dogs! Mili also suggests a daily supplement for a shiny coat. “Calcium supplement daily along with brushing the coat every other day, keeps their coat in excellent condition. They need space. Also, sleep is very important for growth and play,” tells Mili.
Health concerns
Some of the health problems may include hip dysplasia, skin ulcers due to excessive licking, hygroma caused due to swelling of a joint due to contact with hard surfaces. “The latter can be avoided by providing a cushioned sleep area. Do provide them 2-3 small meals a day to prevent bloat,” advises Mili.
Tip from the breeder
“Discipline from a young age helps in avoiding behavioural problems later in life. A happy and loving environment keeps your Weimaraners well and comfortable, to live a long life!” concludes Mili.
(With inputs from Ashok, Mili and their son Armaan of Habibi’s Kennel, Chennai.