Magical love… nothing else!


If she could speak, would she complain? Her eyes capture my heart. She knows I am drawn to her innocence. She follows me like a shadow, as though beyond me there is no existence for her. My heart cries, when I have to go away from her. Her affection is worth melting for and her loyalty is undiverted. She is Fawn – the Basset Hound in my life.

The more I look at her, I am convinced about the magic animals bring in our lives. The feeling is unconditional that they share, is that not something human beings should adapt more. Her boundless steps that follow me day and night help me reflect more in life.

The brooding eyes and sweeping ears always convince me that my day/life cannot be that bad cause someone has had a worse day than me. The highs in her life are during her meals and when I come towards her…with that how can I not feel important? Her playtime with the bone and rug dodges my childhood and gives me the young rush. Her words are her actions, her tail wagging, that peck, the jump in excitement, the cuddle and others that we often fail to even acknowledge. I often wonder if she could speak what would she tell me? Would she advice me back on all times I have spent sitting with her and talking about any problem I have had? But at this moment, she has her one paw on my lap, eyes gazing at me in deep thought, a silent listener whose attention cannot be taken away. In all, she is the epitome of understanding, loyalty and adoration. Can anyone ask for more than this? She represents the most warming character of the paw world. It’s not the worldly riches, success, career that completes human accomplishment; it is the difference they have made in the life of any animal. They speak in action, so the best understanding you can show is care for that heart beat!