Enjoyed our trip to the ‘Max’


We were planning to holiday in Manali. The preparation was in full swing and the flight and hotel bookings were done. This was when my pet dog ‘Max’ came and sat with hands over my suitcase, looking at me with wet eyes. Why was he so sad – probably he had realized that we were leaving him behind. Then began a tug of war between my excitement and feelings for my lovable dog, to whom we were planning to leave behind for the first time. Can we enjoy without him? And how he will live without us? These questions kept pestering me. Analyzing the situation, I approached my father for taking Max along with us. He weighed all the possibilities and finally decided to drop the idea of going by air, and decided to take his Tata Safari, so that Max can also accompany us. The hotel bookings were changed to hotels that allow pets.

We all, as well as Max, were very happy when we started from Delhi. On the way, we had halts, sometimes for us and sometimes for Max. As we approached the hilly terrain, Max thoroughly enjoyed the scenic beauty, peeping out of the window. He loved the fresh cool air on his face throughout his journey. To our surprise, he became fond of tandoori roti and dal makhani, something that he never touched while in Delhi. He ran up and down chasing goats and made merry with some local canine friends. He simply loved to swim in the small river adjoining our resort. He enjoyed the ultimate wonders of nature in these 5 days of our trip. In short, he was our perfect companion throughout the trip and it cannot have been better without Max.
Vacations are a time to bond with pets and the joy increases manifold when you take them along. Our canine get mentally and emotionally stressed when we are not around, so, get, set, take your pet along to your next holiday destination.