Life’s a golden party!


I have been married for two years and both of us were struggling to balance our careers and social life, leaving us with hardly any time to catch a breath. Our life found a whole new meaning when we mutually decided to get home our first pup – a Golden Retriever named Zack. Suddenly we found ourselves spending a lot more time together and almost miraculously found more time in life. A month later, we decided to bring home Zack’s littermate (full sibling) Zorro – who turned out to be just the cherry on the cake and our home became the perfect picture of joy! Why, even our parents cannot do without seeing them at least once a week!
I even quit my highly lucrative job, just to devote and spend more time with the pups. And it’s one decision we both will never ever regret. They truly define the meaning of love with all their affection and sincerity in their eyes. Their gentle presence, the look in their eyes and their little actions say so much without saying a word! They constantly remind us how lucky we are to be humans and with their faithfulness show us what it means to use our strengths to do good to those around us.
It’s such a joy to wake up in the morning seeing both of them lying comfortably next to us, fast asleep or seeing them running around the house chasing each other and playing hide and seek—there’s never a dull moment everyday! They even have their designated seats in our car and have found a firm place in our hearts forever. Life now is a complete golden party right at home!
If you do not have a canine companion in your life, adopt one and you will find the difference in your life!