Frightened furry friends@vet

Doggies’ day out at vet’s place is an ordeal for most of the pet parents. But with a better understanding and a
Dr Hitesh Swali attending a furry patient
few precautions we can make it easier for our furry friends.

Let us start with understanding the problem first. Dogs show stressful symptoms once they are exposed to an unfamiliar environment. And at a vet’s clinic, other dogs and different smells add to their fear. As a pet parent we know the various fear signs: my dog refuses to get out of the car, my dog recognises the road leading to the vet – he just stops moving; my dog starts growling; my dog starts tugging in the other direction; have to carry my dog in the clinic; my dog is nervous. The list is endless! Here are a few tips which will definitely make your next vet visit easier.

Your responsibility

Your pet is your responsibility. If you notice a medical problem or regular examination please do take out time to take your pet to the vet. Your pet will be more confident, calm and will feel nurtured with you around. Comfort and cuddle him with your touch and tone of your voice. Try not to delegate the vet visits to your household help.

Socialise your dog

Yes, dogs need to socialise. Moving out to different places and meeting more people makes a dog comfortable even in an unfamiliar situation. Dogs should be taken to regular outings to avoid stressful symptoms at a vet’s clinic.

Playing doctor-doctor

This is for sure, a most important technique to make your dog vet-friendly. At your home…when dog is in a playful mood, play this wonderful game. Bring stethoscope, injections, dog carrier, etc and check his feet, abdomen and ears. And at the end praise him…for being a good boy. So, next time when you both visit the vet…he knows that it won’t hurt much.

Calm your emotions

Dogs have amazing power to sense human emotions. When we visit a vet…it’s obvious for most of the pet parents to be nervous and this in turn adds to his terror. In fact, be calm and composed…first. Share good positive vibes with your furry angel.

Bow treat

One of the most important ways to create positive impact of any situation in a dog’s memory is to reward him. At a vet clinic, always carry treats and every time your cuties show good gesture…reward them. A pat on the back, a hug or a treat…this surely will make the fearful experience a little better.

Prior appointment

At a vet clinic, dogs become nervous when they see other dogs barking, whining and this adds to the internal fear. So, take an appointment.

Tips to comfort your pet


Do ensure that the pet goes to the vet with a family member.
Do take a prior appointment.
Do talk to them in a clam and comforting manner.
Do give special treats and rewards.
Don’t send the house help for vet visits.
Don’t overfeed before a car ride.
Don’t shout or yell at your dog’s annoying behaviour.
Don’t punish them for their fear.
Don’t place a muzzle at once.
Don’t force them to get examined.