Life without you


Dusk had fallen and evening came,
I ran down to play my routine game.
I was playing the game of hide and seek
And there I saw you wandering the
streets, oh so meek. I picked you up and held you close,
You sniffed my shirt
with your tiny wet nose.
I got you home with tender care,
Coz you were special, unique and rare.
We named you “Sonie”
which means gold,
You proved us right that need not be
told. Life was wonderful with you by my side,
You always looked up to me as your
savior, your guide.
You gave me love with all your heart,
But now it’s time for us to part.
Life without you will never be the same,
I will always yearn to call out your name.
Praying that you would come just once.
I know, for this I’d be called a dunce.
But all I can do now is pray for you.
May God bless you and
hope you go to heaven too.
– Supriya
(A tribute to 8-year-old Sonie who departed on 8th November, 06.)