Zara – my princess


It’s a myth that cats are not very loving. In fact, it’s wonderful to have a cat as a pet, she is a beautiful, loving and a very regal animal.
Zara (which means princess, flower and dawn in Arabic and Persian) is my female doll-faced white Persian kitten. She is 6 months old now. I got her when she was almost two months old. Her beautiful amber eyes and clear distinctive features won my heart immediately and her playful antics keeps me busy whole day long.
Zara  is not only beautiful, but is extremely peaceful, good natured, affectionate and laidback companion. She is quite happy to stay indoors and does not have a tendency to stray or run out. She is a very intelligent kitten and behaves just like a child. One thing that impresses me most is that she can express everything.
I remember an incident when Zara was scolded for not listening, she did not like it and showed her anger by littering intentionally in the dining room. Cattitude, I would say! But that was the first and the last time we ever saw anything like that.
Generally, she loves and enjoys to sit in our lap on the terrace and look around. She even likes to sleep in our lap. She actually sleeps in our arms like a baby does (on her back with her legs up in the air). She also loves to play with wind chimes, little bells, etc. Besides, she actually allows herself to be groomed very well. Like a child, she opens her mouth to get her teeth cleaned! It’s quite hilarious! I love Zara a lot and she is the baby in the house.
– by Veena for Zara (Persian cat)