My little ‘Minki’ brother!


Buddy – my brother came into my life forcefully. I remember how his mother brought this little angel to my home. The first time I had got him in my hands
Ayu and Buddy
that cute little blue eyes were just looking at me and he hissed to scare me. Slowly Buddy became a big naughty boy of the family and the way he used to climb the curtains and get down again jumping from here to there, making my dad get up in the early morning.
Dad nurtured Buddy to grow up eating only cat food. I remember, one-day when he was caught stealing Amul Cream, my mom was angry with him that evening. He just sat on the window waiting for dad. When dad came home, he complained about my mom as if saying ‘See dad! She scolded me!’
Giving Buddy a bath is never less than going to the World War. On Raksha Bandhan at home, our friends and relatives bought Rakhi for Buddy. Those who visit my family jokingly ask me, “Where is your Minki?” Minki means cat in Marwadi. Whenever I meet my relatives at wedding functions, they enquire how is your ‘Minki’ bro?
One day when there was a cat fight and Buddy got injured badly. We rushed him to vet and my whole family took care of him. After weeks of sleepless nights amid his pains, our love and prayers brought Buddy recovered. He stands fit and healthy like before! He is now my love, my brother, my son and my everything! And he thinks me as his everything!