“Paw-Tales” l July-Aug 2006


Tintin – the minpin
We brought our minpin pup home on 19th July 2005 and it was such a thrilling moment. I still remember vividly the feelings of apprehension and excitement as we drove to the pet shop. The anticipation of bringing our first pup home was great.
We named him Tintin after our favourite comic character. Within minutes of reaching home, our little pup was prancing around in his funny hackney gait typical of Miniature Pinschers. It’s been almost one year since that day and Tintin has brought spontaneous fun and joy in our lives. He is a bundle of high energy and playful spirit who clowns around endlessly with his eagerness to please us. He is quick to learn new tricks though at times he is more interested in doggy treats. After a naughty trick he feigns innocence and looks so angelic.
Tintin has become an inseparable part of our family and is often referred to as our first child. Pups, like children, need to be constantly assured of love when they are growing up though it’s equally important not to “smother” or “stifle” them with love. We thank God for bringing this absolutely adorable li’l being in our lives.
– Rinku Kaicker