Canine Crescendo –Scaling heights with HyPet Event in Hyderabad

When listing the best canine clubs in India, we cannot miss the prestigious ‘The Hyderabad Canine Club’. It has been a benchmark in the industry. Find out more about the grand HyPet event held in December and its highlights


HYCAN 2023, held on December 8th, 9th, and 10th, was a vibrant showcase in the pet industry. Key highlights included the Groomania Grooming Competition, a first by a KCI club, highlighting grooming skills. HyVenture, an investment platform for the pet industry, facilitated connections between entrepreneurs and investors. The HyPet Pet Expo displayed diverse pet products and services, while the HyCan Championship Show, celebrating its 50th anniversary, showcased top dogs in various competitions, highlighting breed excellence. The event successfully combined competition, innovation, and business, drawing a wide audience.

These events covered various aspects of pet care, grooming, business opportunities, and competitive showcases, catering to both pet enthusiasts and industry professionals. What sets HYCAN apart is its long-standing reputation and comprehensive approach to celebrating the pet industry. It combines competitive dog shows, grooming competitions, innovative business platforms like HyVenture, and wide-ranging Pet Expo. This blend of activities offers a unique and enriching experience, making it a standout event for both pet enthusiasts and industry professionals.

Venturing into the bright future of pet industry with HYventure

HYventure at HyPet, with its 9 innovators and 6 investors, presented a remarkable opportunity for participants. It was an ideal platform for entrepreneurs to showcase their innovations in the pet industry and for investors to discover promising ventures. This setup fostered potential collaborations and investments, significantly benefiting both parties. The event was an excellent chance for networking, gaining insights, and driving growth in the pet sector.

HyPet envisions becoming the most sought-after pet event of the year, offering a ground breaking platform that unites businesses, pet enthusiasts, and industry leaders in an immersive experience.

In sync with technology

This year the difference in the show was that we used an app which was indeed a step forward.

The app significantly enhanced the attendee experience. It offered features like event scheduling, location maps, information on exhibitors, and real-time updates. The app facilitated easier navigation and interaction within the event, helping attendees to efficiently plan their visit and engage with the various shows and activities. The app also likely included features for networking and communication, adding to the overall convenience and efficiency of the event experience.

Trailblazing Tomorrow – Roadmap for the next 5 years

The roadmap for HYCAN over the next five years likely includes expanding its scale and scope, introducing more diverse events and competitions, and enhancing participation from international exhibitors and experts. The pet industry is expected to see substantial growth, driven by increasing pet ownership, awareness of pet health and wellness, and innovation in pet products and services. This growth will likely reflect in larger, more varied HYCAN events, showcasing the latest trends and advancements in the pet industry.

Pawspective Projections – A Glimpse into the Future Trends of the Pet Industry

The trends we foresee include a rise in pet tech innovations for health monitoring, increased focus on pet wellness and nutrition, growth in pet-friendly services and spaces, and a surge in eco-friendly and sustainable pet products. Personalization in pet care products and services will also become more prevalent, catering to the specific needs of individual pets.

(Philip Butt –Hon. Secretary, The Hyderabad Canine Club)