FASAVA Chronicles – Illuminating the Pinnacle of Veterinary Brilliance

The 11th FASAVA Congress was held on 27th,28th, and 29thOctober 2023 at Hotel Westin Powai Lake, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India. It was proudly hosted by Pet Practitioners Association of Mumbai (PPAM).


Proudly creating history

It was the first time any global congress event was ever held in India in the history of veterinary education for companion pet practitioners. This grand event was attended by 1309 vet participants who were leading vets across India and Asia. This was the biggest small animal vet educational event ever held in India.

FASAVA Extravaganza: A Spellbinding Affair of Veterinary Excellence

The 11thFASAVA Congress had 7 streams and a total of 132 lectures spanning over 3 days. There were record total of 41 world class speakers all over the globe and from India and who covered various important topics in small animal practice covering a wide range from Emergency and Critical Care, CBVD, Cardiology, Dermatology, Exotic Animal medicine, Gynaecology, Imaging and Feline medicine. A large animal stream was held for the first time at a FASAVA Congress in Mumbai.

At the inaugural function, Chief Guest of Congress, Dr Umesh Chandra Sharma Sir,(President – Veterinary Council of India) guided all participants about responsibility and challenges in front of the veterinary world. He explained the importance of ‘One Health’ for all of us. He congratulated PPAM for organizing the committee for such an incredible event.

PPAM President, Dr Dhananjay Bapat, in Presidential Note, offered a warm welcome to all participants and sponsors. He mentioned that the organizing committee has worked hard to arrange best in class speakers for every stream as per the feedback given in the past by all participants.

FASAVA Executive Board member & FASAVA CPD Director (Asia) – Dr Jairam Ramani, FASAVA President – Dr Mathew Retchford, FASAVA Secretary – Dr Gopinathan Gangadharan and all board members and Key Committee members of FASAVA were present at this iconic event and all of them actively participated in smooth execution of this historic Pan- Asian Veterinary Congress.

Convergence of innovation and expertise

The 11thFASAVA Congress was generously powered by leading brands in the companion care industry. PPAM appreciates them wholeheartedly.

Along with them, a total of more than 50 corporate sponsors supported this congress to make it a successful event. More than 400 participants from industry attended and displayed various pet products in the exhibit area. All participants enjoyed the stall visits and learned about quality products towards best interest of pet care.

Epic moments at FASAVA

The Executive Board of FASAVA announced one of the most prestigious awards – FASAVA – Hills Practitioner of the year 2023. This award was won by Dr Yong Wei Hung, from Taiwan.

Poster presentation contest was conducted during the scientific sessions of congress. Many participants actively participated and won the awards for best posters.All the scientific sessions, lectures, interactive sessions were well attended by participants and extremely positive feedback was received as per the quality of content, selection of topics and speakers for this mega event were concerned.

On the final day evening, at the conclusion of congress, PPAM Organizing Secretary, Dr Makarand Chavan offered vote of thanks. He thanked all participants, sponsors, FASAVA Executive Board, Event partner- Team VAMA and all Member associations affiliated to FSAPAI.

He thanked all 25 members of PPAM Organizing committee and office bearers of PPAM – Dr Hitesh Swali (PPAM Treasurer), Dr Anil Vade (PPAM Joint Secretary), Dr Nihar Jayakar (PPAM Joint Treasurer) and Dr Sunita Patel (Head- Scientific committee).

Taking the legacy forward

Forthcoming events were announced as – Next event, The 12thFASAVA Congress will be held in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia from 19 –21 July 2024.

Next FSAPAI – WSAVA CE will be held on 26th, 27th,and 28thApril 2024 at Adlux Convention Centre, Angamaly, Kochi, Kerala, India.

All participants were cordially invited for another opportunity to learn and enjoy next year.

Feedback Frescoes:
Brush strokes of Impressions from FASAVA 23

The 11th FASAVA Congress was a huge event unlike any other organized by the veterinary fraternity seen in my 28 years of practise, it was great to have many streams simultaneously, covering all aspects of the discipline from medicine, surgery, exotics to large animals. It was a good learning experience, especially about the latest techniques and developments.
I got to learn about Felines and Radiology which will be of great help in my practice.

–Dr. Priya S. Mudur
– M. V Sc (Medicine), Small Animal Curriculum from Animal Medical Center New York, USA

I had the opportunity to the 11th FASAVA conference and it was indeed a wholesome learning experience. The various sessions helped in upgrading our knowledge and applying the skill.I focused on talks about Anesthesia emergency and critical care & Feline Medicine, as that is our most interesting area at the moment.

–Dr Nikita Das
– BVSc & AH/MVSc, Goa

I feel blessed to be a part of such a glorious event. The technical seminars were outstanding and the way the speakers taught us and satisfied all our queries. Amidst seminars visit to the stalls of different pharma, food and tech companies and interaction with their personnel enriched me more.

-Dr Arkaprabha Gupta
– M.V. Sc(Veterinary Pathology), Kolkata

FASAVA gave us a golden opportunity to learn new things and add them into our practice. The international speakers had so much to share. The event became a bridge between doctors and pet companies where they could interact and grow together. All the sessions were very informative, but my personal favorite was on ‘Mast Cell Tumor’. I recommend that one should come and experience himself/herself how veterinary profession is growing and what all it has in-store.

–Dr Chetanya Walia
– B. V.Sc&AH; M.V. Sc (Medicine), Jabalpur

It was a wonderful experience attending FASAVA 23 in Mumbai. The venue itself was mesmerizing with beauty of Powai Lake and serenity of Mumbai skyline. The high-profile speakers with their updated scientific information about various topics was the highlight. The topics covered were quite diversified covering all the important disciplines of veterinaryscience. All the species that we encounter during our practice viz., Canine, Feline, Avian and Exotic was well represented.

-Dr Aradhana Pandey
–Managing Director, Doggy World, Delhi

FASAVA 23 was a grand milestone in the history of vet events in India. As a Delegate, I feel proud to be a part of this industry which is now at par with the west. We at PLRC (Paws Learning and Research Council) are very happy as FASAVA has included us as the associate members from October 2023.

–Dr Ajay Sood
– B.V.Sc& A.H. (medicine & Surgery) and Director PLRC, Delhi

It was a wonderful experience to attend FASAVA event. The speakers were extremely knowledgeable and the lectures were very informative. The masterclass by Dr. Mathias Frank was educational and insightful. It was a well-managed conference where meeting our colleagues and friends from across the country was indeed a pleasure

–Dr. Md. Shiyad K K
– (B. V. Sc and M. V. Sc in Surgery)Bengaluru

The FASAVA conference was an enriching experience as it allowed me to obtain plenty of knowledge and helped me connect with well-renowned and knowledgeable speakers and other doctors. The topics chosen for the conference were erudite. The location was excellent as was the overall management of such big event.

-Dr Ankita Patil
– (M.V.Sc Medicine Student) Jabalpur, NDVSU

The much-awaited FSAVA, Mumbai 2023 event is finally completed successfully. Kudos tothe organizing team. The venue was apt, the refreshments served were amazing, and the knowledge imparted was outstanding. The choice of speakers was thoughtful and it will undoubtedlyhelp us clinicians in our practice.

-Dr Rupalee Sunil Ghag
– (M.V.Sc, PhD – Veterinary Clinical Medicine), Kochi

Attending the FASAVA conference was a worthwhile experience, providing valuable insights into new developments in the veterinary field. The lectures covered a wide range of topics and offered practical tips and explanations that can be directly utilized in clinical settings, by giving research backed data showing the latest techniques and treatment options in veterinary medicine.

–Dr Pooja Marwaha –(M.V.Sc Clinical Medicine), Mumbai