Doggie behaviour clue to mystery robbery


We are blessed with two lovely dogs: a fi ve-year-old Golden Retriever – Goldie and a one-and-half-year-old Doberman – Scooby Doo. Goldie has a great sense of smell and can identify new people more by smell than by sight. She usually barks at them and then quickly becomes friendly. On the other hand, Scooby Doo’s natural guarding instincts are very strong. Except my family and staff, he does not trust anybody else.
One afternoon, when both I and my wife Nandini were out, we got a call from our maid who informed us that a masked man had entered our house through the back-door and had stolen our valuables.
To our utter surprise, when my wife reached home, she saw Scooby Doo tied outside the house in the portico and Goldie lying in the house near dining table, oblivious of anything. While recounting the incidents about the theft hysterically, my maid was defi nite that both the doggies had not barked at all. It was strange! Goldie however was friendly but would bark at strangers before becoming friends. Scooby Doo would recognise strangers without even seeing them and bark his head off.
The sub-inspector, Ramachandran too was puzzled with the behaviour of the dogs. Keeping this as the main investigating point and also other aspects of the burglary, he came to the conclusion that the domestic aides were involved in the burglary. Further questioning broke the maid and her husband, who accepted comitting the crime. Even though my dogs did not bark and raise alarm at the time of crime, their behaviour helped us catch the thieves…they are the true heroes – our protectors.