Bundle of joy- indeed!


Whenever I saw the Hutch ad, I would marvel at the cute little doggie (Pug) and wonder if such dogs actually existed. Never did I imagine that I would be the parent of a similar one!!

On 13th September, I was sleeping after coming back from school when my dad came into my room, hiding something behind his back. And then suddenly popped out the cutest lil’ Pug puppy- my Pug puppy!!
I knew from that very day that I am going to actually LIVE my dream…when I come back from school now, I do not just head for the bed, because I have an excited little Bundle of Joy waiting for me, yelping with happiness, welcoming me heartily.
Bundle is the cuddliest little thing I have ever seen. I can hold him close when I am upset, play with him when I am happy, and I can just spend hours looking at him, watching him play. He did take a long time, though, to get toilet-trained, and sometimes we still end up with accidents in my bedroom. But, he is very close to my heart and nothing upsets me.
Bundle grunts, whines, and makes noises to vocalize his emotions…and even mutters in defi ance!
Life with “bundi’ is amazing and I would like to thank my mom, sister, and maid for helping me look after him and making my dream come true.