Forever my baby…


Jenny came to me in November 2011 when she was barely one month old, looking flustered, scared and lost. My first sight of her, I remember she was sitting in the carton on the front seat of the car looking confused and I on seeing her remarked, “So damn cute!” It feels like it all happened just yesterday. Well, now she is of three and a half years old but for me she will always be my baby and now everyone in the house is centered around her.
She is the first pet in our family. When she falls ill everyone in the family is equally sick with worry. Although not allowed on the bed she will crawl her way into my bed and curl up next to my feet or on the pillow beside me; if she feels cold then right under the covering sheet. I just love it! Although my mother yells, I absolutely have no qualms getting up with dog hair and Jenny sitting by my side, waiting for me to get up to immediately jump up and smother me with her face. And it’s my favourite ritual of the day. She will then run to get milk with me and will keep standing on two feet till I give her some which she will swiftly slurp.
My peeping Jenny – loves to peep out, this happens every time you leave home, almost ready to jump out. Her small nuisances make me crazy about her like how she turns her head to the left side when she is confused or how she will drink first the spilled water and then from the bowl. She comes running wildly at the door and goes in circles around you till you scoop her up and give hundreds of kisses or how she drools and stares until you give her a piece of mango and kulfi or the way she sits on your lap when your mood isn’t good or how she runs and hides under the chair or bed if you scold her, etc, and it can go on. These are tiny things which have become a very important part of my life and through these things I have learnt important lessons in life like standing up for my responsibilities, acknowledging and carrying them. Jenny has made me a whole lot more loving and caring. I have stopped being annoyed almost completely. I am a better human being than I was before and Jenny has a big part to play in it. This is how we are today.
–Dr Priyam Mishra, Hyderabad