My adorable Apsos!


We are blessed with two adorable angels – Chicky, chocolate brown and Casper, pearl white Lhasa Apsos. They live life king-size and attract attention by their innocent and peculiar ways. In winters, you may find them lazily snuggled up in their beddings while in summers, they will cushion right below air-conditioner. Try and shift them from their spot and they’ll stubbornly fight their way back with all the righteousness in the world.
Chicky was two months old when we brought him home and it was a move to help my grandmother cope with depression after my grandfather’s death. He soon became the apple of her eyes and helped her fight depression. Whereas Casper was adopted from a relative when they were no longer able to look after him well; and he was just four years old. He got his name because of his colour after the cartoon character Casper, the friendly ghost. An absolute opposite to Chicky in many of his personality traits, Casper is a mild, docile and peaceful dog.
Intelligent, as what Apsos are known for, they very well know what to ask for and from whom. For example, they would always go to dad when they want to go for a stroll because I am too lazy to take them; grand mum is from where they will get stuff to eat which they are usually not allowed to. And when they don’t get what they want, the first lady of the house – mommy is where they complain about all of us. Both of them love car rides but they are conceptually very clear as to who in the house would be the right person to take them out on a long drive, by virtue of all of our driving abilities.
Trauma for Chicky and Casper is their bath. On a Sunday when my sister would walk out with a towel around her neck, and call out for the two, they would vanish as if they never existed. Though they were not really nurtured together since infancy, it is very satisfying to see both of them sharing their private space. They eat and drink from each other’s bowl with no offence. There are times, after a tiring playtime, when one can spot them in some corner of the house sleeping on top of each other.
They express every human emotion so clearly that they really connect to them in our daily chores of life. They actually understand things you say to them word-by-word. Both of them are extremely social beings. They hate to be alone! I recall how once Chinky jumped onto my study table and sat on top of the book I was reading, to protest and compel me to play with him.
On the road, these two handsome creatures make million heads turn. Passers by, especially children, treat them amusingly as eye candy. Chicky and Casper have become a part & parcel of our lives. They are the centre of everyone’s attention and our home has become a paradise since these angels arrived.