“Paw-Tails” l Sep-Oct-2007


Love of my life
I have always loved dogs and as a child, I used to dream of having a small toy breed. Since I could not find one in my town, thus all the strays in my colony came under my care. After completing my education and getting a job in a coal mine near Allahabad, my dream was fulfilled when I purchased a miniature smooth haired Dachshund pup, whom I fondly named Mini.
Mini looked stunning with black coat and two yellow circles above her eyes. She was active and sporty. She was a small dog with a loud bark. She always loved to sit on my lap. When I came home from a hard day’s work, she was a treat. She loved car rides. Mini lived with us for 11.5 years and died due to old age. She left us feeling miserable and we vowed never to keep a dog again.
But, my love for canines could not keep me away from these cuddly beings for long. After 2-3 years, I felt the need for my four-legged sweethearts. Inspite of my wife’s protest, I brought home another smooth-haired miniature Dachshund male pup and named him Jackie. Jackie is an intelligent pup. With his intelligent disposition, he quickly won my wife’s heart. Today, he follows her like a lamb. For the first six months, Jackie had a voracious appetite for chewing slippers, clothes and furniture. But all of that seemed petty in front of his loveable nature. Today, my wife gets anxious if he skips his meals and insists on medical help.
His manners and playful behaviour keeps us fresh and charged for the whole day.  I have trained him to wake us up at 5’o clock for his morning duties and jogging. He is obedient and brings his chain, when I ask him to. Sometimes, he even obliges me by bringing my slippers. Our world now revolves around Jackie, who has become the centre of our attention.
–A K Prasad, Sonebhadra (UP)