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Nov Dec 2023

Santa Paws is coming to town:

The festive season is incomplete without the love and celebration with our furry friends. It is time we include them in our celebrations and make the holidays merrier!

Merry Christmas to your tailwagger!

Christmas is a magical time for both humans and dogs alike, filled with special moments and shared joy. Here’s how to make Christmas merry for your furry friend while ensuring their grooming, safety and happiness during the holiday season. –by

Groomed to ‘paw’fection

Pet grooming is more than just a makeover; it’s a way to enhance a pet’s well-being and comfort, keeping them healthy, happy, and looking their best. Learn how love and compassion can make a huge difference and take pet grooming to the next level!

Let there be Love Light Joy…. Always

Time for new beginnings,miracles, magic and more, it is also our responsibility to see that pets and Indies are taken care of. If you notice abuse in any manner- raise a voice and bring about awareness. On a recent trip, we noticed a very unfortunate labrador who was constantly tied, on enquiring my sister tried to raise awareness on the plight of the unfortunate dog. In-spite of being tied at the…