Maggie-my sounding board!


Relationship with Maggie has been more or less pre-destined. I still remember one fine day, when my mother received a phone call from her sister that a female pup is ready to be adopted. She inquired if my mother was interested in adopting her. My mother at first was reluctant but with me and my brother’s persuasion, she agreed. I drove eight miles to see her. She was sooo…naughty. I took her in my arms. From that day I have a true buddy with me who has been with me in all my ups and downs for 10 long years. Everyone has bad times, when I had my share, it left me in despair, but my Maggie was with me always giving me motivation and love to walk through the life. Today, I am a successful man but will never forget the love, motivation, and warmth that Maggie has given to me. My love will be always for you Maggie.