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Water– the elixir of life

Just like for humans, water is crucial for cats. Keeping your pet hydrated is one of your prime responsibilities. Also make sure to note the signs of dehydration and not let it happen!

Snowy – The Joy of Our Life

There are few things in life more heart-warming than to be welcomed by a cat. This is the story of Snowy and how he taught us love, compassion, and responsible pet-parenting.

Mastering Cat Behaviours –

Cats might be moody, if you are inexperienced with cats, you might wonder what goes on inside their head when they behave a certain way.

‘Purr’fect Persians

Persians can be your ‘purr’fect companions. They say a dog is a man’s best friend; I say a cat is a woman’s best friend.

Life Lessons for Your Feline Friends

Cats can be trained! There are beneficial behaviors you should consider teaching your cat to perform, not only in an emergency, but also to enrich her day to day life. Some breeds of cats actually excel at positive reinforcement training. Begin early and your pet will be well trained in no time.

Clause of Claws!

The pain of a broken nail, pain of a broken heart! If your cat has a broken nail, do not try to cut or remove the nail! Read on to find out what you should be doing.

Clip cat anxiety at the bud

Cats experience anxiety when they anticipate a potential danger or threat, either real or imaginary. They tend to hide their pain, making it hard to detect. Your pet’s mental health is as important as her physical health. Know how you can effectively manage anxiety in cats.

Ouch! that hurts! Otodectic Mange in cats

If your feline friend has been itching or pawing her ears a lot lately, is irritated, and you see her ears being red and inflamed, then these can be signs of otodectic mange or itchy ears in cats. Read on and find out how you can help your pet and get proper treatment for her! Otodectic mange is one of the most common ear problems in cats and is caused by a mite, Otodectescynotis,…

Meow Message – New Year Resolutions inspired by your cat!

I’ll exercise regularly, I’ll be healthier, I’ll read more – the list continues when we talk about cliché New Year Resolutions. It is time for these to pass and move into 2022 with a lot more sass! Presenting 10 amazing feline inspired resolutions!

Bio PetActive—For Your Feline’s Overall Health & Happiness

Bio PetActive is a leading name in the pet industry which offers premium quality products for your pets.  The brand promises amazing quality and has a wide range of products for cats. The most popular ones are – Vitali Cat Junior Paste It is a feed supplement that contains the right balance of vitamins, taurine, dicalcium phosphate and MOS to support healthy development of…

Decoding sassy Sphynx and their love!

Hairless but not loveless! Sphynx cats are curious breeds who make amazing pets. They’ll fill your heart and home with love. Know more about their unique characteristics.

Boehringer launches Broadline targeting all major feline parasites

Boehringer Ingelheim has launched Broadline, a unique formulation that provides both systemic and topical modes of application targeting all major parasites. “In the next five years, we look forward to strengthening our position in the pet care segment through the launch of other safe, effective & world class solutions for the Indian pet market,” says Sunit Kishore, Director, Animal Health,…

Finding a Family-Friendly Feline Fellow

If you are planning to bring a purebred kitten/cat into your family you should do your homework before the decision. Sudhakar Katikineni, WCF Judge, President of ACF (Alliance of Cat Fanciers) in conversation with Cats & Kittens, tells about finding the one with right personality and energy level for you and your lifestyle. Cats & Kittens: Can I buy new kitten from pet store?…

Feline Friends & Their Language of Love

“A cat has absolute emotional honesty: human beings, for one reason or another, may hide their feelings, but a cat does not.” – Ernest Hemingway Cats are known for their emotional opaqueness and standoffishness; they may even seem mysterious to some. But when you start paying a little attention you can decipher them and their antics. From time to time, they use special noises like growls,…

Captivating Cats & Their Characteristics to Consider

If you want to be a feline pet parent or are one you are lucky to share your life with the captivating feline, read on and get to know more of how to make your feline family comfortable, loved and healthy. Being a pet parent comes with responsibility involving adopting a cat, making the house cat enabled, bringing home your feline family, house rules some to be broken some to be adhered too, play…