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May June 2023

Best start to life for your furry friend

Taking care of those initial formative years of your pet is so important. Read on to understand about their basic needs, phycological needs, and developmental needs. - by Dr Dheerendra Patel

The ABCD of Pet Parenting

Pet parenting is a full-time responsibility that you need to be 100% ready to take. You are bringing home a new life so you need to be taking care of them in all aspects. –by Dr Ritesh Sood

Goal is to spread goodness!

A Canadian Retailer’s perspective towards Indian pet industry and how we all need to join hands and come together for animal welfare! -by Karima Jivraj

Dose of love – for complete well-being

As a pet parent, it’s important to be aware of your pet’s behavior and to recognize any changes that may indicate a health problem. By being observant and proactive, you can help keep your pet healthy and happy. Vet experts tell you how to read your pet’s behavior to know health status and well-being. –by Dr Sanjiv Rajadhyaksha

Wags are our wins and bring well-being!

Holistic nutrition is vital for pets’ wellbeing and wellness, learn more about the brand, its USP, and how the pet industry is shaping to become better and stronger. –by Mitu Paul

Precious Paws- today and every day!

As we complete 18 years and will celebrate our July – August issue which will be our 19th anniversary issue and also our 115th issue, I cannot help but sniff down memory lane- the initial visits to our partners- vets, stores, events, fairs, exhibitions, learning programme etc and what is remarkable the continuous evolution of pet parenting and pet partners to greater heights. Passionate people…